UAE Business Leaders: BeingShe – Inspiration to Make Women Realize Their Dreams

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How is BeingShe a driving force in supporting women’s empowerment, what are the core values ​​that helped you found this unique brand?

BeingShe as a concept was developed by me to create an ecosystem for women to guide, support and create opportunities for them through various initiatives. Having won the Mrs India Globe competition in 2018, the victory not only gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams, but also offered a window into the challenges women face in achieving their precious goals. BeingShe, I hope, will be seen as a ladder to help women achieve their dreams. There are thousands of inspiring stories waiting to be told about women who aspire to a more fulfilling life. BeingShe brings you these true stories of struggle and success, to inspire more women to take action and work towards their life goals.

What are the main challenges women face in the corporate world and how does Being She hope to meet these challenges through its initiatives?

Women in general face the greatest problem of identifying their own strengths and passion for various reasons throughout their lives. In corporate culture, they can be professionally successful, but maintaining the balance between living their passion and their goal sometimes becomes blurred. Through a variety of initiatives under the BeingShe umbrella, we encourage women to be creative and lead lives of passion.

How has the BeingShe Club been received since its creation, how do you see the expansion of its scope of activity in the years to come?

It has been truly amazing to see how women were actually looking for a membership plan like this where they can feel a sense of belonging and are encouraged to experience personal and professional growth through various interesting, engaging, and focused programs. the action.

The UAE has always supported the empowerment of women. Now, as a nation prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary, what is your personal message to the women of the UAE and the leaders of the UAE on this momentous occasion?

I always say that Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are magical places. After having lived and experienced so many other countries, my favorite is definitely the United Arab Emirates. His excellent progress and success in just 50 years is exceptional. On this wonderful milestone, I wish every woman in this country congratulations as they are in the best and safest place in the world. The UAE’s outstanding leadership adds to their success and opportunities for growth.

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