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Sidley is pleased to share the September 2021 issue of Sidley Perspectives on Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Governance, a quarterly newsletter designed to keep you up to date with what we consider to be the most important legal developments regarding mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance matters.


  • “Council fraud” – When are the victims at fault?
  • Impact of the White House’s wide-ranging executive decree on competition policy
  • ESG disclosures in proxy statements: a comparative analysis of the Fortune 50


  • Maintenance mark Claim authorized to sue Boeing directors for failure to implement and oversee a board-level system to monitor and report on aircraft safety
  • Bear market for claimants’ liquidity conflict allegations
  • New York State Supreme Court Enforces Exclusive Provision Of Federal Forum Charter, Continuing Trend In California To Stem The Tide Of 1933 Law Litigation
  • Breaking glass in an emergency: litigation advice and drafting the Delaware Court of Chancery opinion on “material adverse effects” clauses
  • Still “entirely fair” is not enough
  • No shortcuts allowed: Delaware Court of Chancery rejects circumvention attempt MFWTwo-step mandate of


  • SEC Approves New Nasdaq Board Diversity Listing Rules


  • The SEC continues to target cybersecurity disclosures; New rule proposals expected soon

Current and past issues of Sidley Perspectives on Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Governance are available on our website. Check out the September 2021 issue here and back issues here.

If you have any questions regarding this issue of Sidley Perspectives or suggestions for topics to cover in future issues, please contact the Sidley lawyer you usually work with or Claire Holland, the newsletter editor, at [email protected]

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