JESS Technology Sdn Bhd, billed as the largest industrial automation maintenance company in Southeast Asia, aims to serve 10,000 customers by 2025.

Group General Manager Datuk Nick Cheng Sze Jun said that since JESS Technology entered the field of industrial automation machine maintenance services in 2010, its customer base has grown year by year – and it has grown. reaches 6,600 customers worldwide to date.

The company has continued to grow from two employees at the start to over 70 now, with branches in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Baru, Thailand and Singapore.

According to Cheng, the group has always adhered to its corporate culture of 3P: purpose, principle and passion.

“In business, principles count more than anything,” said Cheng.

“Don’t hurt anyone for personal gain, whether it’s your colleagues or your business partners.

“Win-win situations always lead to long-term business. Enthusiasm in striving for improvement is the basis of success, ”he said. If profits are vital for any business, for Cheng, that’s not all. He focuses more on building long-term relationships with customers, as he considers mutual benefits and win-win situations to be more important.

Cheng cited an example: “A large-scale electrical panel project was supposed to take a day to complete. But for various reasons because of the machine, we took three days to finish the job.

“Yet we only billed the customer for one day’s work; there was no additional charge.

He added, “Money is earned, but it has to be done in the right way, so that we can build an ongoing relationship with customers. “

Cheng, who is president of the Malaysian Industrial Automation Association (MIAA), is also committed to helping association members improve factory automation machines – to reduce costs and increase production in the industrial automation, thus increasing profits.

“The government has launched a number of Industry 4.0 incentives to help factories upgrade their machines, and we are also actively bringing automation to member factories. “

JESS Technology provides a wide range of services – industrial automation repair services (servo drive, inverter, power supply, PLC, PCB, HMI, CNC, etc.), motor rewinding and repair services (AC and DC motors), supply and trade of industrial equipment, and system upgrade and improvement services (machine upgrade, machine modification, PLC programming, automation upgrade, etc. ).

Over the years, in addition to customer recognition and support, JESS Technology has also been recognized as a leader in the industry.

JESS Technology has been named the only authorized industrial automation electronics repair center in Malaysia for Mitsubishi Electric and Nidec Control Techniques.

JESS Technology won the Malaysia Power Brand Award in 2016/17, the Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur Award in 2020, and the Golden Bull Enterprise Award in 2021.

In 2021, Cheng received the DPSM Yang di-Pertua Negeri Award from Melaka, which bears the title of Datuk, in recognition of his contributions to industry and society.

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