Ignore the ploy of using justice to delay



A Civil society organization, Niger Delta Integrity Group (NDIG), responded by advising President Muhammadu Buhari to ignore a complaint filed by Niger Delta activist Rita Lori-Ogbebor before the Federal High Court in Abuja, seeking to prevent the inauguration of a new board of directors of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The NDIG, in a statement by its chairman, Akpoebide Okotiene, and its secretary, Edet Ekpenyong, said the court case was rather strange, curious and a wicked subterfuge, coming at a crucial time to the Niger Delta region. is on hold pending the inauguration of the NDDC Board of Directors. .

“This is undoubtedly one more example of Lori-Ogbebor’s interference taken too far,” insisting that President Buhari on June 24, 2021 “firmly pledged to inaugurate the board of directors of NDDC upon receipt of the commission’s forensic audit report in July, when it received the leadership of the Ijaw National Congress (INC) at Aso Rock Villa, Abuja, ”the group said.

The group said that since receiving the forensic audit report on September 2, 2021, President Buhari has still not kept his promise to inaugurate the NDDC board of directors, and the NDDC “continues to ‘be managed in violation of the law’.

Okotiene and Ekpenyong noted that “throughout the Niger Delta there are endless appeals, demands and peaceful agitations from young people, men and women, political and traditional leaders and societal organizations. civilian for NDDC to be managed in accordance with NDDC. Law that requires the establishment of a substantial board of directors.

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“Stakeholders also said that the inauguration of the NDDC Board of Directors will ensure compliance with the law as well as the promotion and maintenance of peace, equity and justice, transparency and justice. accountability, good governance and the rapid development and transformation of the Niger Delta region, and to extinguish the tension of activism as well as reduce the threat of insecurity in the region.

NDIG further stated that Lori-Ogbebor’s quest went against the minds and aspirations of the Nigerien Deltans who continued to question the illegality of the management of the commission by a single administrator, in violation of the law, is expected to continue even two months after the much-vaunted forensic audit report was submitted to the president.

“It is the responsibility of the federal government to ensure that the people of the long-suffering Niger Delta region who have been denied fair and just representation in the NDDC through a council of administration since October 2019, be quickly appeased with a board of directors as promised by the president to ensure good corporate governance, accountability, checks and balances and fair representation of the states that make it up.

“The Ogbebor trial is clearly the work of a clique designed to perpetuate the illegal interim management devices that have been put in place to lead the NDDC and use its funds totaling more than 500 billion naira since October 2019 to this day. day, with no development plans in any of the constituent states to show it, ”NDIG said.

The group said that the governors of the Niger Delta, ethnic nationalities, statesmen and civil society organizations have been cadvocating for the inauguration of the board of directors in accordance with NDDC law and for ensuring the full representation of the constituent states since 2019, with President Buhari finally pledging on June 24, 2021 when he received the leadership of the National Congress of Ijaw, to inaugurate the council upon receipt of the forensic audit, a report he received since September 2, 2021.

He urged the federal government to ignore the attempt to “scuttle the will of the people, to obstruct compliance with the law establishing the NDDC as we await the serious inauguration of the NDDC board, as promised by the president. Buhari ”.

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