Ghana Airports Company Board to Appoint New Managing Director Soon – Deputy Minister of Transport

The transport ministry has hinted at the appointment of a new managing director for the Ghana Airports Company, after confirming the dismissal of former boss Yaw Kwakwa.

According to the Deputy Minister of Transport, Hassan Tampuli, the board of directors will make a decision in accordance with the act of the company to obtain a replacement soon.

He revealed this to a section of reporters during the inauguration of the newly reconstituted Ghana Civil Aviation Authority Board.

He, however, failed to give a timeline on when the meeting will take place.

“The transition process is ongoing, so let’s wait for the outcome of the process. The replacement is part of the transition, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the announcement. The airport company is managed by the board of directors and they [board] will make the decision,” he said.

He also tasked the newly reconstituted Ghana Civil Aviation Authority Board to ensure safe domestic and international air travel.

He again tasked them with taking decisions that will revive the aviation sector and help the Ghanaian economy.

“As a Board of Directors, I charge you to commit to promoting and harmonizing an inclusive approach to ensuring the safety of domestic and international air travel,” he added.

He also asked the new board to cooperate with management and unions to establish a peaceful working relationship that would allow the authority to operate smoothly.

Board member Captain Spencer, speaking on behalf of the board, said the board would seek to ensure excellent corporate governance as well as promote the ideals of accountability, efficiency, probity and integrity. opening.

“We will keep abreast of the activities of the authority and make strategic decisions to be implemented by management,” he said.

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