Ex-Disney executive: DeSantis can’t affect core values

Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent attack on the Walt Disney World Resort is yet another reminder of his “solutions” seeking a problem for his own political future. And for this man’s weak ego, this will be a problem: his problem.

The first thing I noticed on my first day as a cast member was a kind of acceptance and tolerance for every type of individual, regardless of ethnicity or sexual orientation. It was just part of a very healthy corporate culture. I found myself among some of the brightest and kindest people I have ever worked with. I also noticed that if a Cast Member – at any level – was smart but not nice, over time he or she was gone. Disney culture does not tolerate mean people. Sound familiar, Governor?

As Global Director of Corporate Alliances for Disney, I learned how millions view the values ​​of Disney and its people, making it an irresistible and enduring mark of American culture. Disney attracts without chasing, creating armies of evangelists. Disney has a disproportionate impact on society, acting as a social catalyst, helping people feel good about themselves.

I have never been more proud to have been a Disney cast member than I am today, and I can assure you that millions of people will continue to know and appreciate the Disney brand long after Ron DeSantis is gone. regardless of their political position.

Ben May Windermere

Ben May has retired as Global Director of Corporate Alliances for Walt Disney Co.

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Right now, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Rep. Anthony Sabatini, and other Florida Republicans are pushing for gun-friendly legislation they’d like us to call “Constitutional Carry.” It’s a shortcut that’s misleading at best and downright reckless at worst.

The truth is, no federal court has ever ruled that requiring a license to carry a loaded and concealed handgun in public violates the US Constitution. And almost 90% of Americans agree that permits should be required. This legislation would remove those permits, remove required training (which is too little as it stands) – safeguards intended to prevent untrained and irresponsible people from buying deadly firearms on a whim.

DeSantis and his cohort can call this bill whatever they want. As someone who appreciates my constitutional rights, I see this unlicensed transportation scheme for what it is: a threat to public health and safety.

Adrienne Egolf Winter Garden

President Biden’s policies may have caused problems at the border and caused inflation and high gas prices. But the threat is much greater when a party can control the media and decide what is the truth, when it can censor speeches and silence its opposition, and when it can divide us and call on its supporters to harass its opposition. .

It’s alarming how resilient Elon Musk is in his quest to make Twitter more open to different viewpoints. The cancellation of free speech is the real danger that goes beyond the ruin of an economy and the loss of its borders and its credibility as a world power. This type of censorship and intolerance of opposing thought has always been the harbinger of loss of freedom. And that’s only made possible when good people close their eyes and let it happen.

Charles Michel Sitero Ormond Beach

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