As pandemic subsides, office workers return – some remaining on hybrid schedules | Local News

When employers implement their workforce plans, they keep a few factors in mind: employee recruitment and retention, and company culture.

With low unemployment, workers can be selective about which jobs have a remote option, if that’s their preference.

“We have candidates asking us, ‘Can I work remotely?’ “Said Clabeaux, of Independent Health. “And if they can’t work remotely, they don’t even want to continue the interview process.

Compared to before the pandemic, when remote work was less common, employees can more easily find a job with a company in another city or even another state, without being uprooted.

Frandina of Evans Bank said having the option to work in person attracts some candidates.

Mary Ellen Frandina, managing director of the Evans Bank.

Mark Mulville/File Photo

“As we talk to new people who are looking to join Evans, they say, ‘I’m reaching out to you because I don’t want to be 100% distant. I want to be face to face with my team. Maybe not five days, but a few days a week. I miss that interaction, that collaboration,” she said. “And people, quite frankly, also like to learn from each other.”

Employers are also thinking about how to maintain their corporate culture, especially in cases where workers rarely come into the office or when new hires come on board.

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